"Cryptobros are smart", exhibit N°201197:

> he created the ENS domain stop-doing-fake-bids-its-honestly-lame-my-guy.eth and placed a 100 ETH bid on it

> [A] person came along and offered him 1.9 ETH (~$2,900). (…) franklinisbored accepted the offer and took to Twitter to write about his good fortune.

> he had forgotten to cancel his joke 100 ETH offer, which remained active. The new buyer accepted the offer and sold the NFT back to him, pocketing 98 ETH in the process.

But wait, the punchline is still coming:

> He also sent the 1.9 ETH back to the other person, with a message asking them to reverse the transaction.

> The other person replied, "No, thank you for the money though."

Galaxy brain stuff, what can I say.

@rune yes. Asking the other person to reverse the transaction.

He basically gave the other person 100ETH for free.

As I said, true galaxy brain. True financial genius.

@rysiek It's so mind blowing. The domain was worthless, so it's obvious they only bought it because they saw the exploit.. Sending back the 1.9 ETH is just.. The only words I can think of are "A fool and his money are soon parted"

@rune I'm not sure I would have seen the scam coming myself, but I would want to believe I would at least find it smells funny.

The bigger point is something I find mind-boggling about cryptobros/techbros in general: this religious almost insistence that maybe some people make stupid mistakes, but *they* would never make such mistakes themselves. They're smart, after all!

I see this in some people I worked with: "I don't need 2FA, I know what I am doing, and I am very security conscious!"

@rune and the answer is: nobody is immune to mistakes. We are all humans. Our defining feature is that we make mistakes.

Limiting the space where mistakes might happen and their possible severity is almost always the right move.

Whenever I hear "oh I don't need a safety harness, I'm an experienced professional", I consider backing away, slowly, and doing something else with somebody else.

@rysiek For sure, anyone could fall for the original scam, that's why financial systems shouldn't be immutable. The mind boggling part is that his solution to getting scammed was to give the scammer more money and blindly trust things would just work out.

@rune yeah, absolutely. That's the punchline to me.

And the "no, but thanks for the money" bit is beyond perfect.

@rune @rysiek

It’s when libertarians can’t make their mind whether they’re in the “dog-eat-dog financial sharks” or “we’re bound by rules of decency” camp ;)

@kravietz @rune *obviously* they are all in a "dog-eat-dog financial sharks that are bound by rules of decency". The problem is:

1. only the sharks are bound by rules of decency, normies can suck it;
2. they all think of themselves as sophisticated sharks;
3. most of them are not the sharks.

So they fsck around until they find out they're not, actually, the sharks…

@kravietz @rysiek it's a dog-eat-dog-but-it-would-never-eat-me worlds :blobupsidedown:

@rune @kravietz well, I do think that it's important to recognize the "us (sharks) vs. them (normies)" mentality that is, I believe, deeply ingrained in the cryptocurrency community.

A lot of the scams rely on that duality: "we are all gonna make it" where the "we" is silently assumed to be limited to some in--group; "have fun being poor" response to any criticism, which sets the us-them thing up, and the allure of joining the "in-group" that drags a lot of people into this…

@rysiek @kravietz It's depressing how many of the words problems are just this exact mindset of in and out groups..

@rune @kravietz and then all the "yes, yes, absolutely, you are a super sophisticated shark, my friend. here, accept this super elite limited edition exclusive NFT drop that will go all the way to the moon in a few days" — and boom the wallet of the "shark" gets drained.

@kravietz @rysiek @rune oh, they can. It is always “dog-eat-dog financial sharks” when do things to other and “we’re bound by rules of decency” camp when other do things to me 😂

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