@rysiek@mastodon.technology That's a scam. The unencrypted version uses HTTP/1.1 and the encrypted version uses the faster HTTP/2.


@tastytea I wouldn't call it a scam. It's a bit misleading, sure, but then again: show me a browser that can do HTTP/2 without HTTPS?..

So *technically* they're somewhat right: enabling HTTPS on your website will make it load faster.

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@rysiek@mastodon.technology “Encrypted Websites […] are Significantly Faster” — lie. They can be faster when HTTP/2 is used, under some circumstances. For example on sites with a lot of small pictures. It doesn't matter much on an average blog or when most of the assets are cached.

You could just as well argue that bicycles are a lot faster than cars, because the cars are stuck in traffic jams on some roads.

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