What an absolute windbag:

> “The reason you’re not funny is because you’re woke,” Musk tweeted shortly after actively sharing a meme that he thought was funny. “Wokism is a lie, which is why no one laughs.”

[link CW: Elon]

@rysiek For everyone who want to have a deep dive into Elon Musk's way of thinking and his personality and has got 30 minutes time, I recommend the latest video from Tim Dodd who had been invited to the "Star Base" in Boca Chica by Elon Musk:

One can really see that he definitely is a weird person. I don't want to excuse him, but seeing him in action does help to understand, why he acts so weird.

@heluecht I am way over explaining and justifying shitty behaviour on the part of literally the richest man in the world.

If it was any other person, especially a person from a marginalized group, plenty of people would be insisting they "get their shit together" and "get a therapist."

And yet somehow with Elon we are supposed to see the poor, emotionally stumped nerd behind the billionaire peter pan wannabe memelord.

This is completely upside-down and inside out.

@rysiek In no way I want to excuse him. But seeing how he acts helps in understanding why he does things the way he is doing them. And yes, from my point of view it would be the best if he had someone who would do all the stuff with the outside world so that he can focus on his multiple projects and doesn't make too much trouble.
@heluecht @rysiek It would be best if he retired from public life altogether. At this point his contributions have been a net negative and it is factoring cool space tech.
@heluecht @rysiek @amatecha @thgie @Tattooed_mummy Because he is a hypocritical sociopathic narcissistic megalomaniac that buys his own "I'm a real life Phony Stark!" BS?
@amatecha @rysiek @hankg @thgie @Tattooed_mummy I think that you are right with all the attributes you mentioned. That's what I wanted to say. Also I have got the feeling as if it's getting worse with him.
@roland @hypolite @tfb @tadzik @amatecha @zdl @rysiek @hankg @thgie @Tattooed_mummy BTW: I can't understand the behaviour of his fanboys. I'm a space nerd and I admire what SpaceX is doing - but I don't admire the person Elon Musk.

swearing 🤬 

@heluecht @rysiek I personally wouldn’t label people weird for their behavioural or speech patterns. But I would label Elon Musk an absolute scumbag and asshole judging from his actions. He might be neuro-divergent/queer, but he is also the proper manifestation of a privileged person.

swearing 🤬 

@heluecht @rysiek @thgieThis is the first I've heard about him being queer. God I hope not. We already have the other half of the PayPal mafia (Thiel) soiling our ranks, don't need Musk too. On the neuro-divergent thing, I've seen some skepticism of it but even if true I know several people who are that are pissy about how he uses that as a cop out to explain his bad behaviors since it throws the whole community under the bus.
@rysiek He'll buy you a horse if you never mention this again.
@rysiek I understand both sides, "woke" comedy really sucks because you don't spoil the pointe (actual funny thing) BEFORE you tell the joke. Yet still #HardDrive is a #satire magazine.

@rysiek He thought "Rococo Basilisk" was the height of wit. Anything he says about humour is thereafter suspect.

@rysiek OMG

> Ultimately, we hear Mr. Musk’s assessment about woke comedy. When we wrote about the Zodiac Killer, we should have considered that our joke could be potentially alienating to readers who support — or were — the 1960s mass murderer who was never caught by police. Comedy should always leave room for differences of opinion on serial killers and also VLC Media player, which was an unfortunate piece of collateral damage in the exchange.

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