Hey , I need to create a slide deck for a talk, and I would love not having to do this in an office suite.

Any good based slides generators you can recommend?

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@rysiek I always use Beamer (LaTex based, what else 😋)

@rysiek if you want light and simple, I recommend Patat (Presentations Atop The ANSI Terminal: It even has (experimental) support for images. I've used it the last couple of times I needed slides

@bchhun @rysiek have used this in the past and it’s pretty nice :)

@DrWhax @rysiek :) and if your coworkers' expected output is a PowerPoint file that needs to be shared on a SharePoint server, you can export your marpit markdown slides to that format ;)

@bchhun @DrWhax thankfully that is nowhere on the horizon of being a consideration.

@rysiek I like using reveal.js, see e.g. for a setup with GH pages.

More comfortable is using @hedgedoc which also supports slide decks based on reveal.js. See the example slide deck:
- presentation:
- source with preview:

@rysiek Others have suggested LaTeX + beamer (which is IMHO the best choice for slides), but you wanted something markdown based.

While I have only used pandoc to generate documents, you can also use it [to convert markdown to LaTeX beamer slides][1]. Obviously, you trade off LaTeX expressiveness for simpicity but depending on your needs, it might work well for you.


@rysiek Catpoint and pointtools at gopher:// (the repo link it’s inside).

Or suckless’ sent. You’ll need farfbeld for images, nothing more. And some PDF viewer in fullscreen (mupdf it’s ideal for this). Fast, lightweight and designed to do short presentations with very few text.

@rysiek Pandoc has a beamer output. Nothing fancy, but good enough for simple slides.

@rysiek years, years ago i used landslide, reveal.js and rst2html - I don't know about newer solutions though. Landslide was best from them, IIRC.

@rysiek Seems however landslide is not developed much (last commit 2 years ago?)

@rdarmila there's darkslide, forked from landslide and actively maintained:

Seems like a inner to me so far.

@rysiek i'm using reveal-hugo for that but haven't used recently. it brings markdown to revealJS.

@rysiek #Obsidian has a slide generator based on the horizontal line separator - it's not pretty really but works. I used it to kick off my video about Obsidian at

@rysiek Hedgedoc (formerly known as CodiMD) with reveal.js integration works great for stuff like that imho

@rysiek late for the party, but I don't see anyone mentioning

I have used it recently and was very happy with the results. Will use it again for sure.

Many recommendations here for reveal.js and from me as well.

I use a tool called Pandoc that can turn Markdown into anything: LaTeX, PDF, Reveal.js, PowerPoint, ODT document or whatever.

So with that you can just write Markdown and then turn that into a presentation with a single command-line command.

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