@skquinn TerraUSD, which is supposed to be a *stablecoin* pegged 1:1 to USD, went down to 0.05USD at one point. Currently it holds around 0.10USD.

@rysiek Wow. That's pretty messed up; the whole point of a stablecoin is for it to keep its value to what it's pegged to.


well, it is still not honest.
The "up to"-part could be described more transparent.

@sl007 @rysiek

The honesty depends on the meaning of 'crypto' they use..


1. One who covertly supports a certain doctrine, group, or party.

2. Cryptography.

3. An element in words of Greek origin, meaning ‘hidden, concealed, not evident or obvious.’


I'd say it can mean either 1) or 3) where they honestly imply that it is not transparent. And then you can add arbitrary text ;p

@rysiek I'd just like to make the point that that is not normal.

@rysiek ... and as I've said in another context ... if that's the ridge you want to die on ... 😺

(The original context ... had to do with cranberry sauce. Because Reasons.)

@rysiek They were making giveaways of 10k Luna on Twitter. This after the collapse of said coin. Makes it look like they only want to give trash away. Also, "Stablecoin"s still had a volatile chart, despite the popup always saying it was worth the same...

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