@rysiek so here we see there's much more to it than most people think :D

@rysiek @humanetech
let's be honest here, the only problematic part of the name, when you're from the USA, is that you need the Feds to spell Fediverse.

@oblomov @rysiek

Personal take coming..

I am hoping myself that we'll be transitioning to having more of a distinction between the #Fediverse (the technical layers) and the #Peopleverse (the social fabric) that is organically forming on top of fedi.

Where the latter has seamless ties to IRL / meatspace and nothing at all to do with #Metaverse.. that link is coincidental.

(People build the Commons, will craft their own online worlds, and we don't need to go all #Meta BS-y about that :yikes:)

@rysiek I. Why had no one made this post before. 🙃

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