Congratulations to @EDPS on the launch of their own instance:

This is big news!

There is a instance (on which the account @-mentioned above lives), and a instance here:

Apparently you can follow videos and podcasts:
@edps_tv @edps_podcasts

There's a bunch of other official accounts:

@rysiek @EDPS neat, i'm pretty sure i liveposted on fedi my thoughts about Mr Wiewiórowski's talk at my uni 2 years ago, and look where we are now


@michcio @EDPS well looks like you can converse with Dr Wiewiórowski right here:
@EDPS_supervisor 🙂

I had the pleasure and privilege meeting Dr Wiewiórowski back when he was still working for the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Poland, and a few times since. Have to say I quickly learned to respect his knowledge and dedication to digital human rights.

Very happy to see him join fedi.

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