Can't wait for the new arrivals to discover they can use their fedi account to follow video channels on @peertube instances, photo stories on @pixelfed instances, events on @mobilizon , musicians on @funkwhale , and @owncast streams.


@rysiek I have little understanding of what any of that means, but cool!

@Toadsanime @rysiek In a nutshell, you can use the same account to follow things on different platforms because they speak the same thing.

One example is commenting on a video on PeerTube from your Mastodon account. I've personnally never tried this but it sounds cool ^^

@Toadsanime @l4p1n yeah, imagine being able to confirm event attendance on Facebook and comment under YouTube videos, all using just your :birdsite: account.

@Toadsanime @l4p1n well that's exactly what I am describing in the original post in this thread. This already exists and works. Just not on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. But across the different kinds of software that are parts of the Fediverse.

You can follow @blender (Bledner's PeerTube channel), for example, directly from your fedi account.

@Toadsanime @l4p1n the only reason this is not implemented by the big platforms is because this is counter their business models. Which are focused on locking users in, instead of empowering users to do amazing stuff.

@l4p1n I'm so glad to have a place to obtain Dr. Sidons bibliography

@rysiek Stupid question - what's a fedi account?

@willrobinson It's simply an account on a server which interconnects with other ActivityPub servers, like yours.

Fediverse or short Fedi is just the name to the whole web of interconnections between servers

@rysiek Been almost 1 year in fediverse and still find this fact fascinating...


Quick question: is it possible to connect Peertube and Owncast accounts together? I've tried configuring Peertube's livestream chat over #YunoHost, but there are conflicts between the chat infrastructure of YunoHost and PeerTube, so I plan to just install Owncast and save the stream into Peertube directly. @yunohost @peertube @owncast

@csolisr @owncast @peertube @yunohost I honestly have no clue, but I would assume "no", as there are no officially recognized "aliases" on fedi, and each instance software will have each own fedi-facing account.

@rysiek this is the part of the fediverse that always seemed the most utopic to me - it's not just a mirror of centralised services, it actually shows what things you can do with open interfaces and that's really damn neat

@rysiek how do I figure out how to follow a specific peertube instance from a mastodon client? Eg ?

@rysiek can't wait for fediverse to also replace tiktok. 😁

@swansinflight no indeed, but no need to rush it. No algorithm-induced FOMO here. 🙂

@rysiek @peertube @pixelfed @mobilizon @funkwhale @owncast

I'm thrilled by this, but find it very hard to just 'explore' any of the other instances, to discover new folks to follow. It's kinda why my engagement with fediverse is low. Discovery is hard. Any tips / guidance is very much welcomed.

@toychicken @rysiek @peertube @pixelfed @mobilizon @funkwhale @owncast
You can just search for some hashtags like #RaspberryPi or #Linux, then pick some folks by random, see what they post, who answers...and so on

@khw @toychicken pinning hashtags is also a thing in the "advanced" interface. I use it all the time.

@rysiek @khw

Thanks both. One last query, how do i search other instances, like pixelfed or peertube?

@toychicken @khw you can search in the searchbox on your instance. It allows you to search all content your instance is aware of, including from instances it federates with.

Alternatively, go to the website of another instance and search in the search box there.

Global search is not entirely a thing. Initially this will seem odd, but it's pretty easy to get used to. I discover people via hashtags I follow (using pinned columns in advanced interface), and via other people boosting their posts.

@rysiek @toychicken @khw search on Friendica does work pretty well depending on if you use nothing, #, @, or ! in the search field

@ramones absolutely not, that's the point. From your current account you can follow channels/groups/accounts/events on all these different instances already. That's the beauty of fedi.

Here, for example, is the video channel of Blender: @blender

You can subscribe to it right here.

@rysiek @ramones
Concretely, if you want to follow Blender's channel, you type in Mastodon's search bar and there you will have the possibility to subscribe. If you want to comment a specific video, you copy paste its URL in Mastodon's searchbar
Sure, but I considered he might want to know a general procedure to subscribe to channels that he did not see mentioned 😀

@LennonMcCartney no worries, no rush. It will come. Take your time. Deep breaths, have a seat, relax, here's some green tea. :blobcoffee:

Looking it up it seems fedi is an alternative client for this, among other things? I guess because it's all open and stuff, anyone can make a client for it? That's cool

@LennonMcCartney @rysiek
Fedi (aka #Fediverse) is actually the whole of it. It contains various servers running different stuff like #Mastodon (kind of like Twitter), #Friendica (kind of like Facebook), #Peertube (kind of like Youtube), and many others. And all those things communicate with each other with various degrees of success, which means for example than I could reply to your Mastodon post from Friendica, and that you can subscribe to a Peertube channel from Mastodon (cf this explanation)

@liwott @rysiek @LennonMcCartney why would you want to do that? What's the advantage? Looking to understand.

Good point ! I answered assuming they meant "subscribing to a peertube channel from Mastodon"

@rysiek @liwott @LennonMcCartney hi! Why would I want to reply to a mastodon toot from another app? For example. I think my appreciation for innovation is limited lol 🤣

Ah, in my case I prefer Friendica over Mastodon, and my point is that this choice of software does not constraint my ability to interact with people that use Mastodon. So for you, the point can be reversed into the fact that you can communicate with me from Mastodon, without having to create an account on a Friendica instance.

@Alisca @rysiek @liwott
I'm very very new here literally joined today but I would guess different apps have different features. For example I'm in the mastodon app right now because that's where I got the notification and I can't see your text as I reply to it. But in the fedi app you can see what you are replying to as you type, like on the Twitter app.

What follows is just a technical precision about what may be a misunderstanding. Beware that it may be truncated in Mastodon.

Note that when I talk about different software, I don't talk about different client apps, while you latter comment really is about clients. For example, you can use Mastodon's official app or Fedilab to access your account, but this account is always on a server that runs Mastodon. This is is simlar to accessing your Twitter account through either the official Android app or the webbrowser.

But still you cannot follow Facebook accounts or Youtube channels with your Twitter account. The Fediverse is different in that regard, and that's OP's main point : we can communicate with each other although you are signed in to Mastodon (like Twitter), and I am signed in to Friendica (like Facebook)
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