As experts in email security, we have compiled a quick security guide on how to keep your emails safe from hackers. Check it out! 👇


@Tutanota also here:

I did infosec trainings for journalists, activists, others who *need* encrypted e-mail service. People like me could be your best advocates.

But this is based on trust, and with that kind of messaging, I simply do *not* trust Tutanota to do a decent job. If you go all clickbaity marketing on this, will you communicate honestly about breaches and risks?

Stop using the h-word to mean "cybercriminals". There's a perfectly good word for that: "cybercriminals".

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@rysiek @Tutanota you shouldn't expect anything from such a bad email provider.

Email encryption should be done client side using GPG keys exclusively stored on your computer and using the mail client of your preference. These way there's no vendor lock-in.

Tutanota doesn't pass these two essential requirements. It's just another fake privacy initiative.

@werwolf @Tutanota mostly agreed on the technical assessment here. 🙂

But that's a separate, longer discussion.

@Tutanota oh and before you go there: explanation ("it drives clicks") is not *justification*. Doesn't make it okay.

You would not use the n-word to promote products to white people. That would be appropriation! There's a whole genre of film based on this: Blacksploitation, and it is *highly controversial* for a reason!

What you guys did there is "hackersploitation".

"Disappointing" doesn't even start to scratch the surface here.

I wonder how your techies feel about this. Have you even asked?.. 🤔

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