Last train from Russia:

> “One hundred years ago, in 1918, he wrote that with a clang, a creak and a scream the iron curtain dropped on Russian history,” my interlocutor said, quoting [Vasili] Rozanov nearly perfectly. “An announcer declared the performance was over. The audience was told to put on their fur coats and go home. The people got up from their seats and looked around, but the fur coats and the houses had all vanished.”

@rysiek, this one hits close to home: "Instead of raiding the KGB archives and exposing them to the light of day, like the Germans did with the Stasi…"

Our archives are still kept secret. But, 6 days ago, we woke up to this: "Final ruling: Romania's former President Basescu was Securitate's informer"

We'll take it, though, this is not "The Victory" that people wait for. We're still waiting for our first "elected" president to be sentenced for crimes against humanity.

@rysiek They had their Maidan, in 1991. It ruined a lot of people's lives.

@alrs I would not call 1991 a "Maidan", and neither would any Russians I know.

@rysiek I wonder if he's not writing to westerners. I mean, of course we don't stay under the skirts of *Tsars*, but still, we do not fight, except a very few, to get a true democracy, including the economic part of the political life, and to build a production system that don't destroy everything, to be short.

I don't say that this text is not interesting, but I cannot read it without thinking that I don't do my part, here. And I feel bad, actually.

@rysiek Ok, he's not writing to westerners. Not at all, even if he's mentioning the West too.

@rysiek how can i even respond with the truth to this? Russians _should_ remove Putin.

But then, we're not Russians, and effectively, we can't remove him. Not directly anyway. This propaganda will mainly serve to strengthen the dismal NATO/US establishment.

I would agree not hanging the KGBs dirty laundry outside to dry is definitely a mistake.(1/2)

@rysiek Before "they" the KGB, "they" the neoliberals applied a "economic shock therapy" and meddled in the election to get in drunky, bragging about it in Time magazine.

And even when Putin did get in charge it seems he even wanted to join NATO

The US _did_ meddle in Maidan.

As much as they'd like to paint Putin as inherently who he is, in fact a lot of the situation is created by the West.(2/2)


You are mistaking foreign policy, which EU and US was doing in Ukraine and Russia, with covert operations, which Russia was doing a the time in Ukraine, EU and US. The difference is that while the former is done openly and transparently, the other is trying to influence other country's policy by bribery, blackmail and targeted killings, with no democratic control.

You don't seem to be aware of Russian politicians Glazyev and Zatulin funding and directing pro-Russian protests in Ukraine (including escalation of the tragic Odessa events) or a pre-Maidan visit of high-ranking FSB officers to Kiyv led by general Beseda in order to push Yanukovych towards use of force. You have no clue about all the pro-Russian parties and militant groups in #Ukraine who were also funded by Moscow.

And since you're talking about "Western meddling" here, this seems to be a tactics that is partially effective, at least against ignorant Western audience who learns about these events from sources funded by Kremlin too.


@kravietz @rysiek this topic.. well there is always going to be people disagreeing. Sometimes on both sides..

We suffer the worse examples.(literally makes some people vote democrat every four years, tho that's way more hands-in-gloves than Russia-US)

Bad enough without letting it shut us up. I reckon the sources i read are journalism, not propaganda.(1/2)

@kravietz @rysiek
Perhaps in Ukraine US influence is less thuggish. But it's likely they did secretly work with the opposition.

A cursory look search for Glazyev or Zatulin on major news sites don't show much on that. I mean it's no wonder that i missed that. Maybe i'll get round to looking more up on that. I actually never feel on top of things.. it's not really possible.(2/2)

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