For your consideration:

If you go around asking random people on the streets about X, in a country where criticizing X might land them in jail for 15 years, you will only get responses that are pro-X.

This does not, in fact, prove that all these people are pro-X.

Jumping to such conclusions is not just bad journalism, it is simply disingenuous and borderline malicious.

I never had to hide my real opinions from the secret police, under threat of jail or worse, but my parents most definitely have.

This is a lived experience of 50+ people in Poland, and a *very* real thing for their children (simply because it was so present during our upbringing).

Watching armchair sociologists / political scientists pontificate on how deeply the population of a certain Slavic country supports the state that is oppressing them is something I just cannot stand, on a very personal level.

Just for the record, this is not a thread about people from a certain other Slavic country who are now being bombed and shelled.

I am in no position to judge them, or tell them how they should feel, nor demand any appreciation for such nuance.

Their feelings are valid, their anger is justified.

@rysiek (that being said, it also does not mean that people are not genuinely pro-X, it's just that you can't tell)

@pettter absolutely.

But I have only seen this being spun as "population of country (that banned criticizing X) is strongly pro-X, on-camera street interviews prove", and every time I see that kind of bullshit I just vomit a bit in my mouth.

@rysiek I've definitely seen it used also to support something along the lines of "this definitely means that the people are going to violently revolt any day now. aaaannnyyy daaaayy now...."

US/World Pol 

@pettter @rysiek

Will never forget the U.S. Vet 20+ years ago telling us peacenik rubes how grateful Iraqi women were to us for our *~*interventions*~*. She knew because some of them had told her that while she was there. Yeah, okay heavily-armed invader I'm fully convinced now that you're an expert on everything. Please go away forever. 🙄

US/World Pol 

@xenophora @pettter @rysiek some actually were happy to see Sadam going down because having his tribe run the country was conflicting with theirs, and tribal tensions are still live and well in Iraq and other places in the middle east.

So even under this context, their happiness isn't coming from where she would expect.

US/World Pol 

@xenophora @pettter @rysiek On the other hand in those areas they can't really criticize their vondition withput suppression, so you can tell only so much

He will not just be thrown in jail if he yields to peace talks the nazis will likely put a bullet in his head like the last negotiator, we regret that we forget his name.


@rysiek Heck, even if it isn't illegal they can still lie about it if it's a "non popular opinion" to save face. Asking people questions is full of pitfalls.

@rysiek I have to close those threads on Reddit, because I drives me mad that some folks just really, really want to find a justification for blanket hate towards other people.

@rysiek They may say they're pro, but "hearing between the words" and looking at the face tells the true story.

@rysiek True. Most people will believe lies, while saying the truth is fake news. Then they whine when things go bad.

Not to mention countries where supporting thing Y is broadcast 24/7 as good. Irrespective of whether supporting not-Y is dangerous or newly banned, psychology teaches this matters in its own right.

@rysiek especially when people tell you that explicitly


Are you talking about the Russian law that punishes those who spread false information about the conflict with up to 15 years of imprisonment? Because if so, stop making it look like it's a crime of opinion. False information means "the Russians bombed a civilian building and killed civilians" when it is not true.
We are all risking WWIII due to Western anti-Russian propaganda, it is normal for the Russians to try to avoid it by any means.

@rysiek and on top of that you pile media outlets' willingness to favor a single point of view (without ever entertaining the possibility they might have gotten anything wrong).

and the war propaganda machine fully engaged in all involved countries, peddling their own narratives.

it will take years to untangle this mess, and separate the lies from the truth.

even decades later they'll still be competiting narratives (like Japan saying the Rape of Nankin never happened)

@rysiek Oh yeah, I remember in some podcast: "Putler's ratings are skyrocketing! Some agency did phone poll and his support is bigger than ever!" or something like that. Like Russians had never ever encountered provokers before, when they are asking you hot questions and reporting to the police after. In country, where "going to jail" already replaced by idiom "to sit on the bottle", well, because when police arrest you there are non-zero chances that they gonna put bottle on the floor and several thugs gonna overpower you and force you to sit on it. Did your imagination draw a picture with with ripped and slashed colon by broken bottle? Well, you are correct and that's not the worst part. After that you might wait for a doctor for several months. Or slapping court orders to pay a fine significantly bigger that your monthly salary for you just standing or walk by near protesters.
Damn, this is crazy 😕

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