German lawmakers call on leader to cut Russia from vital SWIFT payments system

German lawmakers criticized Chancellor Olaf Scholz for not cutting Russia off from the vital high-security payment network, SWIFT, in the European Union’s latest round of sanctions on Moscow.

German Parliament member Norbert Röttgen, from the Christian Democrats party, said on Twitter that cutting Russia from SWIFT is the ''sharpest sword'' for sanctions, adding that: ''The SWIFT exclusion of Russia must not fail now because of Germany!''

@stux 👏 organize 👏 protests 👏 in 👏 front 👏 of 👏 German 👏 embassies 👏

Kick RU out of SWIFT.


@toni @stux sure. Perhaps DE is the biggest and presumably the most useful to put pressure on, I'd think.

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🇺🇦 conflict, sanctions 

@toni @stux update: looks like Italy is not blocking the SWIFT thing.

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