Legit tho. Data is trash? Nobody wants to turn around to the source and tell them to fix their shit. So, pump it through an AI and hope. Irony: Telling upstream their quality was low is back-propagation which is the fundament of AI.


@feonixrift that said, there are certain situations where:
1. the amount of data is insane
2. there is a competent data scientist available to crunch it
3. one cannot go back to the source and ask them to "fix it":

> "hey, Monsac Fonseca, we got this bunch of data of yours from a whistleblower, but man it's just garbage! any way you could give us cleaner data?" :blobaww:

Watching a good data scientist apply machine learning witchcraft to that is a sight to behold.

But these are rare, rare cases.

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Oh I don't doubt it. (I am one; I won't call myself a good one, but I dayjob this atm.)

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