I am digging -- groups on fedi.

Simple, yet (seemingly) effective. Joined @wordle , @web0 , and @activitypub .

The only issue I see with this is that it can probably be easily abused: anyone can join any group, so spam seems inevitable.

I hope I am wrong!

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@rysiek @wordle @web0 @activitypub

well you are right but yet reality proved that practically wrong.

Except us spammers.
I appreciate Wills offer of a simple “relay” (technically not `Group`) very much.

There are really endless threads and heavy friendly fights how to do groups in ActivityPub right.

The next meeting about that is 2nd TUE in 2 weeks … … …


It is complicated. No one seems to have access.
There are Social CG and Interop reminders popping up but they do not happen and I can't enter our meetings.

tl;dr Yes.

cc @rhiaro

@sl007 @datatitian I've cleaned up the calendar. I didn't realise nobody else can add events, so I have corrected that now, Sebastian, you should be able to add them.

@rhiaro @datatitian

Now let's dream the dream of a <blink>federated</blink> forum based on the world’s leading federated social web standard:
If a user tags “meeting” with at least `startTime` then it would be in the calendar.
This would be magic.

Even if we would use any other system like mobilizon it would not help cause discourse is a nice UI/UX but walled garden.

@sl007 @datatitian I thought discourse had some caldav integration actually, but maybe I imagined that


As far as I imagine this was a plugin and it was installed in the beginning, maybe this

but in any version it didn't work and the (very) old links didn't work anymore.
And then it is caldav only.
Personally I'd just like to selfdogfood healthy and if redaktor is ready then I'd like to read all the input there.

So that all the posts are with context in the inbox.
This is also why I try to design super-modular

For the long run, I hope, if we stick together the visual widgets in another grid and apply some functional widgets different then it would make a federated forum.
Well, maybe :)

@rysiek, thanks.

To avoid spam, these groups should control how often posts from a given person are shared.

For example, however much I appreaciate what what Cory Doctorow is posting, I can't, for the life of me, follow him. I can't handle such dense infromation in one go, or at least, not using the current Mastodon threads UI.

Also, other bots should be banned, you should not be able to subscribe to these groups you're a bot.

@walter @rysiek I agree with Cory's posts on the fediverse. That amount of information is better in email, so I subscribed to his mailing list, and unfollowed here.

No mystery: against spam, you must use a more advanced protocol, like #Zot...
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