This NFT explainer, linked here already by many, is amazingly good:

That said, this sentence is just art:
> This is what makes [NFT] enthusiasts so deeply unreliable: they have meaningful financial stakes in an intangible, volatile thing that exists entirely as a collective ideoform.

I promise the rest of the video is very clear and easy to understand, cuts through the bullshit like knife through butter. But that sentence... that sentence is *dense*.

@rysiek I once met a OneCoin guy, and got very much that same impression. It turned out that was a scam even without blockchain, but it was an interesting experience in the flesh.

re: NFTs 

@rysiek Another striking point made was that the end goal of NTFs and web3 is the financialization of all things.

I had this bad feeling that web3 and ‘metaverse’ projects are aiming at turning every human interaction into a transaction, adding micro-transactions and grind to all small acts that should be about aid and gratitude. But, as Folding Ideas notices, the actual goal is much worse: It not only injects money (monetization) into every interaction, but also makes them tradeable for the sole benefit of a speculative investor class.

@rysiek The best concise description of NFTs I've seen is "DRM without content."

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