@rysiek @Fairphone I mean, they’re right, but selling official wireless headphones which are clearly not gonna last as long as a phone with that port would doesn’t seem very genuine

@rysiek @Fairphone (in fact, everyone on the music industry knows good wired headphones last for life)

@xerz @rysiek @Fairphone We-e-ell, not really for *life*. I use a pair of Bose QC25s, which sound distinctly tired now, and badly need a third pair of ear cushions. But I agree that they've lasted far longer than the <=1,000 charge/discharge cycles that wireless earbuds would have managed.

In Fairphone's defence, USB-to-3.5mm adapters are cheap. I'll probably get one when my new Fairphone arrives. I say "probably" — there's a faint chance that I'll find the one that came with my tablet. 😏

@markusl @rysiek @Fairphone Welp QC25s are digital, just like my WH-1000XM2s, and tbh they’re not expected to last long – after all, technology evolves, so people have a greater interest in upgraded parts, particularly in a market (as honestly classist) as that of audiophiles. The cushions part is true tho, I don’t know if any headphones solve that.

@markusl @Fairphone @rysiek Basically, if you pick up, say, a Sony MDR-V6, the drivers will last. Even better, no stuff like batteries to worry about. But with cushions I’d rather just let them wear out until it’s unbearable ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

@xerz @rysiek @Fairphone You can get replacement cushions for some headphones, including QC25s. I've bought a third set of cusions for mine, and I really ought to get around to fitting them.

If we could go back in time we'd have gone back to 2014 and bought 300 Fairphone2, and become a stockist in #Australia.

The #butterflyEffect would be so great, we might even have a couple people doing good stuff in Australia, today.

Maybe one day.

@rysiek @Fairphone

@xerz @rysiek Do they, though? As someone who carries his phone in the trouser's pockets, I usually chew through a cable in ~1 year until I get a loose connection near the plug in the cable.
As a consequence I bough in-ear monitors with changeable cables, but now the socket in the phone becomes a problem after a few years.

Regular changing cables is still more sustainable than throwing away whole battery+SoC-powered wireless buds, not even mentioning the better audio quality of wired audio.

@schmittlauch @rysiek My cable so far has lasted for more than 3 years, I’m sure they can last a while longer

@xerz @rysiek @Fairphone I've never had a device that got damaged in that way.

It seems to me that if they can produce a USB-C port that is resistant to similar damage, they could also do it with an audio port. I won't be purchasing FP4 or any other phone without a standard audio mini-jack port.

@rysiek @Fairphone their argument is, that it would be one more part that could break, and is susceptible to water-entry, and usb-c to headphone-jack adapters are a thing 🤷‍♀️

@malte @Fairphone yeah, I understand the argument. I just don't find it convincing.

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