Tek Fog in Action: Targeting Women Journalists, Pushing Communal Narrative on COVID, Delhi Violence

"TekFog" is a platform used for automated targeting journalists, activists, etc., in order to silence them, and then... take over their accounts to use them to spread right-wing propaganda.

It's automated, targeted cyber-bullying.

This is a third piece in this investigative series. And it is damn chilling. Go, have a read.

@rysiek the worst of this is the sheer amount of resources put into it and the collusion of (some of) the Indian tech community to develop such a tool. Could also explain how when I joined a popular Indian forum about cars I had to jump through a *load* of hoops (including learning about the Indian car industry!) to prove I was doing so in good faith and they have moderators constantly active 24/7 on it and actively discouraging any overly political discussions..

Oh man, nation-state troll armies are the worst :(

dark comedy as coping mechanism 

@rysiek And worse yet, it sounds like a ghostwritten William Shatner novel.

dark comedy as coping mechanism 

@bstacey "Captain Kirk's Mountain Climbing Guide"

dark comedy as coping mechanism 

@rysiek "TekWar 10: Tek ... uh, Fog? Sure. TekFog."

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