France fines Google and Facebook €210m over user tracking

A Google spokesperson said: “People trust us to respect their right to privacy and keep them safe. We understand our responsibility to protect that trust and are committing to further changes and active work with the CNIL in light of this decision.”

Ahahahahahahahah ahaha ha ha haaa haaaaah oooooh woooow! 🤣

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@rysiek how many hours of revenue is that for them

@owl yeah, the fines need to go way higher. but at least we're in the hundreds-of-millions EUR instead of just millions of EUR range, so that's progress.

@rysiek The keyword is “rejecting tracking should be as easy as accepting them.”. Any page/platform without "Reject All" button (if "Accept All" exists) should be fined as well.

@miklo @rysiek I'm pleased that Google and Meta have been punished for their covert and creepy behaviour, but it's dangerous to focus too specifically on cookies. These companies (and others) have lots of other ways to fingerprint and track us:

What matters is the surveillance and tracking, rather than the particular browser storage technique.

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