Fuck Facebook and NFT.
WE are the real Metaverse. WE are the actual Web3.0. WE are open, decentralized, empowering, not THEM.

The world hasn't seen a network quite like Fediverse. Such networks need a name and a definition, and they STOLE it from us. They played you like a goddamn fiddle.

>The world hasn't seen a network quite like Fediverse.

But it has seen very similar ones, eg. SMTP and XMPP.

You can call it Web 3.0 if youbwant but we're merely getting back to where we were in the 90s.

Since most of the web has been regressing towards mainframe age during the last decade, you could call this a success. But we have ways to go.

@wolf480pl Neither SMTP nor XMPP are web protocols. Federated networks aren't new, but the federated social web is.


@strypey @wolf480pl @drq what exactly is "new", then? I had an active account on StatusNet-based identi.ca over a decade ago.

@rysiek @drq @wolf480pl @strypey what is new is that federated networks have probably reached critical mass to became attractive to average people

@miklo @drq @wolf480pl @strypey yeah, fair. And UI/UX improvements.

Usability of, say, Mastodon is leaps and bounds better than usability of StatusNet was a decade ago.

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