I should really fire up a VM with GNU/​

I mean, it has nginx packaged for it, why not run some of my websites off of it?

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@rysiek Has there been any updates to Hurd recently? Even @MutoShack isn't really posting about it anymore as far as I can tell?

@rysiek @MutoShack I just installed the Debian version that is pretty recent. I do note that they still don't support 64-bit so you can only have 2 GB RAM, and their FAQ still says they have no plan for a 64-bit userspace but is working on 64-bit kernel support. However, last update was 2013.

@loke @MutoShack yeah. 2GiB RAM is plenty for a small webhost hosting some static websites via nginx.

@emacsen I had been running nginx on Deban GNU/Hurd for a few months some years ago, it was ~fine.

Some tooling was weird, but can't remember any serious issues or screw-ups.


I think I couldn't actually run it in production but I'd love to do so, and at least on a server I have less of the driver issues as I do on a laptop.

And with @ArneBab 's work, I'd have amazing security too :)

@emacsen @rysiek I wouldn’t trust my life and freedom on the quality of my code in there yet — it shows that this works, but there are still possibilities to mislead the user into accepting the wrong request (how to fix that part is written in )

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