This week in Kalendar development: v0.3.0 coming this week, bringing improved stability, efficiency, accessibility... and a Windows version??

Read all about the big changes that have taken over the past two weeks:

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Unlikely to happen because:

- Writing a sync service from 0 is a gigantic pain

- Akonadi is incredibly powerful and handles most of what anyone would need from a sync service

- Akonadi has a sensible and easy-to-use API that apps like Kalendar can leverage

- There is no alternative that uses KDE APIs that is under active maintenance

Not saying Akonadi doesn't have big issues, but it is a good base. It just needs more love -- love it hasn't really gotten!

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So why isn't there more love? Isn't there a fairly long list (from what I read on of Patreons? Can't be a funding problem, is it?

@musicmatze @claucambra @kde @carlschwan I've seen some threads on KDE mailing list that suggested that there is a serious problem with finding and *retaining* contributors.

Two factors were explicitly mentioned:
- complexity of the system (yeah, no kidding);
- less-than-great way that the project reacts to criticism (with ample examples of that in that thread).

If I find that thread, I'll link it here.


@musicmatze @claucambra @kde @carlschwan don't think so. There was a thread where some KDE people went out of their way to be nice and apologetic about their concerns with Akonadi, and the Akonadi dev basically threw a tantrum anyway.

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