This week in Kalendar development: v0.3.0 coming this week, bringing improved stability, efficiency, accessibility... and a Windows version??

Read all about the big changes that have taken over the past two weeks:

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Unlikely to happen because:

- Writing a sync service from 0 is a gigantic pain

- Akonadi is incredibly powerful and handles most of what anyone would need from a sync service

- Akonadi has a sensible and easy-to-use API that apps like Kalendar can leverage

- There is no alternative that uses KDE APIs that is under active maintenance

Not saying Akonadi doesn't have big issues, but it is a good base. It just needs more love -- love it hasn't really gotten!

@claucambra @musicmatze @kde @carlschwan Akonadi has been in dire need of love for a decade now.

KMail/Kontact were the best PIM tools I have used in my life, hands down. And then Akonadi came along, and I had to switch to the dumpster fire that Thunderbird is.

Today, KMail/Kontact are *finally* barely not unusable.

At some point somebody needs to recognize that Akonadi is overcomplicated and overengineered for what it is trying to do.

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Genuinely curious, what makes you think it is overcomplicated/overengineered?


@claucambra @musicmatze @kde @carlschwan everything is a separate process -- okay, great. But that causes inevitable coordination problems, which I run into all the time. Two IMAP processes, one Mail Filtering Agent, and if stuff happens in the wrong order, the whole thing just locks up good. Need to kill it and restart it.

Even when it is not locking up, I have to be mindful when I do things. I literally check if there is no back-end task running before I re-run filters on my mailbox.

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