I always forget that the nginx docker image I wrote a few years ago by default auto-generates fresh random DH params on the first run on a new host.

That is, every time I deploy a new nginx setup using this image, I get fresh random DH params.

me six years ago 🤝 me today

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@rune yeah, but again: it only happens *once* per a particular deployment. As in, when I deploy a new server with nginx using that docker image, that happens once. Every further redeployment of nginx from that image notes the dhparam.pem in the right directory and happily uses it.

@rysiek ah, so the storage is persisted and it isn't just generating a new one every restart.

Then it's not quite as bad

@rune yup. I mean, the storage is persisted if you persist the storage. 🤷‍♀️

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