I'm a software engineer who generally doesn't get to exercise creativity, nor do I get the opportunity to really socialize with anyone on a regular basis.. I've accidentally isolated myself.

I'm looking for opportunities to try out new things and reach people who might help me grow as a person. I'm not looking for a paid gig, just an outlet/community to be a part of. Boosts appreciated.

Creative Interests:
- Blender
- Voice Acting
- ChipTunes / Game Music
- Writing
- Game Design
- Pixel Art

@iarebatman hey! Nice set of interests. Maybe that's something @karafuto could be interested in.

Also, protip: use hashtags, you'll reach more people. Good ones to try: , , .

Also also, check out and hashtags. If you're using Mastodon, enable the advanced interface and pin these hashtags there. That helped me a lot.

@rysiek @karafuto Very cool, thanks for the tips! I didn't realize you could pin hashtags in the UI. Also, thanks for the introduction - Hi @karafuto !

@iarebatman @rysiek

hi there! I can see why I was mentioned here: I made a thing that checks at least two boxes in your interests list nataliavish.com/
hope it will be to your liking!


@iarebatman @karafuto if you want to get more into writing, feel free to bump some ideas off of me. I like having nice conversations on fedi, and I write a bit sometimes.

Also, I am guessing @tomasino might be a good person to follow in that department.

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@rysiek @iarebatman @karafuto Hiya! I run a semi-collaborative writing community over at cosmic.voyage (also available on gopher and gemini).

It's a tilde (tilde.wiki/wiki/Tilde) server and involves some command line fun. Free of course.

@tomasino @rysiek @karafuto I was just reading through `cosmic.voyage` when you sent this! It looks interesting and I may actually have some content I can submit.

I have the first few chapters of a science-fiction book I had started writing a while back, but stalled when it started veering in a direction I didn't anticipate. I'll take another look and see. It would be nice to have it contribute to something instead of collecting dust.

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