I'm happy to see digital companies such as Twitter, @mozilla, and Vimeo call for #interoperability. We need to preserve the #OpenInternet. Therefore, it is crucial to include the interoperability obligation into the #DMA! We are shaping the future and the world is watching.


@marcel_kolaja @mozilla please remember that Twitter had a decade to bring interoperability to their platform. They didn't.

Not only that, but they kept chipping away on any interoperability that was there from the start, for example on open RSS feeds for public tweets.

They are paying lip service to the idea of interoperability and open standards now, nothing more.

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@rysiek @marcel_kolaja @mozilla
I listened to the fake Meta whistleblower today speaking with EU authorities and explaining why interoperability would be so difficult. She gave one example of how a Russian owned instance could be collecting data. This might have sounded like it made sense to someone who doesn't realize that hardly anything on the internet is ephemeral.

They are conditioning the public to accept more regulation and censorship which will make these platforms more powerful.

@hotwet @rysiek @marcel_kolaja @mozilla

Can confirm that Twitter is merely virtue signaling. They were one of the first to dismantle the interoperable internet by requiring users to create a Twitter account specifically.


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