looks like those who don't waste their money on #NFTs, are wasting their time being angry about them instead 🤔.

@sofia somewhat, yes, at least I do -- but that's because I care deeply about digital human rights, rights of artists, and access to culture.

All of these are threatened by NFTs, and I notice people either:
1. have no idea about NFTs
2. are very pro and vocal
3. are quite against but not very vocal

End result is that NFT proponents are much more vocal and visible, and are effectively controlling the debate. I find that dangerous.

@rysiek i don't think NFTs can really do that. if they really can, than only as a tiny extension of the plague called intellectual property. i'd wish people were more vocal about _that_ instead.

im my filter bubble, i've never seen a positive mention of them. but i've seen a redfash wanting "all coinbros on the wall" 🙄…

and like technically NFTs aren't really about claiming ownership of artworks, it's more of a solution waiting for a problem.


@sofia consider the following:

Agreed on the whole imaginary property thing. But NFT-infused IP laws would not even have any exceptions (fair use, quoting, satire, etc) whatsoever.

Meanwhile, people who do push for copyright reform, I feel, ignore or underestimate how big, potentially, the NFT problem is.

And it's big. It's not just a bunch of ill-informed coinbros, there's plenty of money sunk into this. Demands for "protection" of these "investments" are already out there. 🤦‍♀️

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@sofia and while I agree on the "solution waiting for a problem" angle, plenty of NFT-pushing is done using language that either suggests or outright claims they are "a way to own digital art":

If enough people believe this crap and sink enough money into it, there will be enough pressure to make that into, well, an actual thing somehow.

And I find that possibility to much of a risk.

@rysiek @sofia Yes, it's easy to think that NFTs are nonsense because of technical or even basic reality reasons, but the people who make the laws do not understand technology or much of reality. e.g. F12 is hacking. The laws are made on the stories they are told, and they are told by people who want to protect their money.

@river @rysiek @sofia Dual integration - where an enforceable legal contract is paired with a blockchain based smart contract - might be a way to get NFT enforcement. We'll be seeing this in patent and property/ip law before art, I suspect.

Tho zoro already has a smart contract system that enables artist royalties when stuff is resold. Not much of a leap into using something like that to enforce tax code on a hybrid deed to a land claim.

@river @rysiek @sofia do you have a JWT to prove you own a license for that copy of photoshop? :blobugh:

@rysiek @sofia

We need more legislators who delight in making investments tank. The public needs to be slapped with the reality that if they can't afford to lose it all, they couldn't afford to have invested any of it in the first place.

@portpupper @sofia I would put less emphasis on blaming the potential victims of scams like that, and more on the scam artists.

@rysiek @sofia To be fair. Most NFT art is trash atm. Who would want to remix that? Then again, it might become popular 👀
@rysiek @sofia "the concept might become popular", I meant. not "the art"
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