This is fascinating[1].

Anyone who knows anything about copyright law laughs their arses off, of course (and here's a primer for anyone who needs it[2]).

But this *is* dangerous. A lot of people have no clue, copyright is byzantine in its complexity, and it just takes a few ill-informed judges to make this into a thing. And coinbros will push their bullshit, whether they know they're wrong or not.

[1] source:
[2] NFTs and copyright:

@rysiek it's not entirely clear to me if they're asking to delete the screenshot from your computer, or to stop _sharing_ the screenshot - the latter *may* make *some* sense copyright-wise - though it depends on further context, and ownership of the NFT alone doesn't prove they do hold the copyright for that work.


@raboof sure, but if it was about copyright, copyright law or copyright infringement or some such wording would have been used directly.

And even if it was about copyright law, posting a screenshot with a right-click-save menu covering part of the image would have probably been considered legal under copyright exceptions -- as a quote, satire, illustrative purpose, etc.

Instead, the message is about NFTs, and blockchains, and property.

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@rysiek I completely agree a screenshot with a right-click-save menu over it to demonstrate a point would be fair use - hence "depending on further context" :).

I think we can excuse people for not using the right copyright terms when they ask to respect their (alleged) rights. I do agree it's important to be clear about what is protectable and what isn't, though :)

@raboof I get your point. And I am usually for giving people the benefit of the doubt.

But with entitled bros forcing their uninformed view of "ownership" on everyone, I honestly believe we should *not* extend that courtesy to them.

They insist on some things, onus is on them.

I refuse to spend energy trying to find the most kind reading of what they say, because they refuse to acknowledge reality.

Once NFT bros and I meet on the same plane of reality, I am happy to be a bit more accommodating.

@rysiek sure, you have no obligation towards them whatsoever!

Perhaps I've been exposed to them less so I still feel more generous towards them - TBH I don't think I have ever spoken to anyone who thinks NFTs are a sensible idea yet :D

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