Pressure works:

> "Facebook is extremely thinly staffed ... and this is because there are a lot of technologists that look at what Facebook has done and their unwillingness to accept responsibility, and people just aren't willing to work there," Haugen said


The good news for Facebook: Haugen, and the team supporting her, aren't aiming to shut down or break up the company. During her Senate testimony, Haugen repeatedly told lawmakers that she was there because she believes in Facebook's potential for good,

but... i don't!
shut it down now!
nationalise it in the Global South, where their "Free" Basics is the defacto internet.

@rysiek also:

"40,000 people working on the safety and security on our platform, including 15,000 people who review content in more than 70 languages working in more than 20 locations all across the world to support our community."

what a joke.
what kinda ratio is that, when you have between 1-3 billion users?

@meena @rysiek the bare minimum to not get sued or regulated, of course.

@rune @meena @rysiek

...and presumably there's also an unpublished amount of fees, "electoral services", future job offers etc being given to various nations' politicians in order to prevent regulation.

@FediFollows @meena @rysiek I'm not sure if the US congress was intelligent enough to require bribes during last hearing.

@rune @meena @rysiek

Facebook already have a UK deputy prime minister as a Vice President 😫 He's the British guy you may have seen defending Facebook on the media recently.

Would not be surprised if we see more lawmakers taking jobs there (or at Google, or Amazon, or Apple etc etc) in the future.

There are so many fields where this happens: lawmakers/regulators do a weak job, retire, then go to highly paid job in the sector they were supposed to regulate. But this obviously isn't a bribe...

@FediFollows There's Chris Sgro, current spokesperson, a former member of the North Carolina State House of Representatives (Democrat).

The company's trying to get embedded with political parties everywhere.

@rune @meena @rysiek


@dredmorbius @FediFollows @rune @meena also, Erika Mann, German MEP that then run Facebook's Brussels office:

Perhaps we should document this all somehow.

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