Pressure works:

> "Facebook is extremely thinly staffed ... and this is because there are a lot of technologists that look at what Facebook has done and their unwillingness to accept responsibility, and people just aren't willing to work there," Haugen said

@rysiek Joe Biden only got in office thanks to them flipping the election by disinformation, and money pushed to select counties to flip swing state. The world would be a better place if facebook didn't exist. That's all before getting into lesser known things the censorship of gardening groups and child trafficking on the platform.

@thendrix @rysiek Got it a bit backwards there. Hey, doesn't Trump have his own masto instance now you can fuck off to?

@warpgate9 @rysiek I didn't say anything about Trump, but I guess you can't get him out of your head. Try to live in present, and pull your head out of your ass and tongue off the boot.

Zuckerberg pumped $500M personally into elections in key counties. Including illegal ballot collection practices such as bundled ballot collection outside of state control: eg ballot boxes with no chain of custody, voting on buses not run by the state, etc. It's a matter of fact and court documents back it up. Facebook blocked news such as Hunter's laptop, and any talk of Biden's history from his "jungle" comments and various outtakes from 1988.

@thendrix @rysiek Zuck did nothing to support Biden, he's very much a known Trump guy. But yeah, you did not have to say anything about the orange shitburger because there were only two candidates.

@warpgate9 @rysiek Don't let the truth and vast evidence to the contrary change your mind. Biden supporters aren't worth my time.


The good news for Facebook: Haugen, and the team supporting her, aren't aiming to shut down or break up the company. During her Senate testimony, Haugen repeatedly told lawmakers that she was there because she believes in Facebook's potential for good,

but... i don't!
shut it down now!
nationalise it in the Global South, where their "Free" Basics is the defacto internet.

@rysiek also:

"40,000 people working on the safety and security on our platform, including 15,000 people who review content in more than 70 languages working in more than 20 locations all across the world to support our community."

what a joke.
what kinda ratio is that, when you have between 1-3 billion users?

@meena @rysiek the bare minimum to not get sued or regulated, of course.

@rune @meena @rysiek

...and presumably there's also an unpublished amount of fees, "electoral services", future job offers etc being given to various nations' politicians in order to prevent regulation.

@FediFollows @meena @rysiek I'm not sure if the US congress was intelligent enough to require bribes during last hearing.

@rune @meena @rysiek

Facebook already have a UK deputy prime minister as a Vice President 😫 He's the British guy you may have seen defending Facebook on the media recently.

Would not be surprised if we see more lawmakers taking jobs there (or at Google, or Amazon, or Apple etc etc) in the future.

There are so many fields where this happens: lawmakers/regulators do a weak job, retire, then go to highly paid job in the sector they were supposed to regulate. But this obviously isn't a bribe...

You also have to remember Christopher Wylie did some stuff for the Lib Dems before Cambridge Analytica. There's no accounting for the old boys networks in the UK and US. Online reflects the social and political structures of offline.
@rune @meena @rysiek

I'm really sorry, I should have CWed this for politics 😔

@FediFollows @rune @meena @rysiek To be fair, Nick Clegg left politics as the most hated party leader in Britain (quite an achievement when Nigel Farage was around), so they don't exactly have a good record for picking "winners"...

@FediFollows There's Chris Sgro, current spokesperson, a former member of the North Carolina State House of Representatives (Democrat).

The company's trying to get embedded with political parties everywhere.

@rune @meena @rysiek

@dredmorbius @FediFollows @rune @meena also, Erika Mann, German MEP that then run Facebook's Brussels office:

Perhaps we should document this all somehow.

@FediFollows State surveillance and targeted ads require the same telemetry.

Facebook (and the like) provide (often involuntary) mass surveillance services.

In return many regimes turn a blind eye, undermine their citizen's digital rights.

@rune @meena @rysiek

@meena @rysiek

If this was the fediverse, we'd have the power to self-police problematic content. The lack of freedom for users to have the tools needed to create a minimum social conduct is a serious error.

@keverets @meena @rysiek I very much agree. Although at least the philosophy of user control is in the right place. Although instance by instance is going to vary greatly and instance reputation is it's own level of management too.

How did you instance manage to get a negative reputation?

@keverets @meena @rysiek Sounds problematic.

These are early days, so it's worth instances being flexible about this kind of problem. Although only so long as the tools allow the right associations.

@meena @rysiek

This says Facebook claims that 3.51 billion users use at least one of it's products.

Back of the book, town has 2 moderators for 300 users or roughly moderator per dunbar. Seems fair.

So if Facebook had the same ratio of moderators as town, it would need to keep 23 million moderators on staff.

@meena @rysiek Outlaw any social media site with >1M users. Force interop/federation if people want larger networks. The same way people are locked into facebook "because everyone is on there" this can lock smaller sites into maintaining interop.

Think of the old times when webmail became a thing: who the fuck would use a new email service that didn't send messages to other servers/domains?

@unlofl @meena @rysiek #Facebook
I think one problem is there's no good definition of "social media site". #Section230 refers to "interactive computer service"—that's it. It's never been clear what the limits are.

In '96, intent was really to protect ISPs, webhosts, and AOL-type services with chat/news/boards.

Today, I think drawing a red line when a provider actively promotes certain content for its own benefit (e.g. FB, #YouTube) is a start, as a clear standard.

@kadin @unlofl @meena @rysiek "Actively promotes certain content for its own benefit" isn't that clear, though. A mastodon instance that actively moderates users/federated instances is technically promoting certain content for its benefit. You could argue that's for the users' benefit, but so could FB or Alphabet/YouTube.

Stricter regs on data hoarding to make FB/Google scale unreasonable seems like a better option.

@kadin @unlofl @meena @rysiek And to that point there needs to be a better experience or at least marketing around managed hosting for [interopable] social media/video hosting/streaming/etc with specialized search engines to replace the centralized mess that exists today. Otherwise we'll just get expensive centralized services that everyone complains about and pines for the days when they gave up personal data for services.

@kadin User-generated (or submitted) content is a huge element.

There's something of an increasing scale of concern with text, images, audio, video, data, and code / executables, as well.

Algorthmic promotion is another huge element.

What FB and the like bring to bear is both social graph and developing behavioural profiles based on both on-site interactions and off-site activity (online, and increasingly, offline / real-space, including location and commerce data).

@unlofl @meena @rysiek

Good news for Facebook, bad news for humanity.


I dunno a lot of people work at Ubisoft, BLizzards and other companies with horrible working conditions, sexual assault, and murder....
I wonder if they are keeping a thin staff just for PROFITS and to also say "We just don't have the people!"

@rysiek A few years ago, I interviewed on-site at FB HQ (formerly Sun Microsystems HQ, a/k/a "Sun Quentin"). As I drove back home, I felt like I'd just visited the world's largest frat-house.

They did not extend an offer, and I was not the least bit bothered by that.

@rysiek My response to FB recruiters for years has been "Tell Mark 'Fuck you' personally for me."

@rysiek As I've noted, there are two reasons FB pays what it does:

It can.
It has to.

For those working at FB, we know what price you put on your soul and sense of humanity.

@dredmorbius @rysiek someone actually contacted me from Facebook asking if I wanted to interview for them. They must really be getting desperate.

@dredmorbius @rysiek that's so much better than just asking to be put on their do not contact list!

@rysiek I've certainly seen an uptick in recruiter emails from FB over the last year. Sounds like their teams are actually as understaffed as those emails made it sound like.

FB centralized what was once a decentralised internet. Also because humans are dumb and don't deal as well with diversity.
Whatever it's troubles, I am gonna be pessimistic and believe FB has too much money and power and users to disappear. ☹️ Though it really should disappear and make way for multiple better alternatives, it's more likely there will be some kind of possible lazy and bad fix.

@rysiek I have my Bachelor's in Computer Science, and I would NEVER work for that operation.

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