> [Truth Social's] terms also say that “all source code” of Truth Social is proprietary. That might run afoul of Mastodon’s own license.

> “The main thing is that Mastodon is free software, released under the AGPLv3 license, so anyone can use it—provided they comply with the license. The main part of the license is making the source code and any modifications to it available to the public,” Rochko told Motherboard.


@Gargron @conservancy 👀

@rysiek it actually looks like some template ToS used as a placeholder as I can find websites using the same rules

@rysiek tzn. Albicla wprost zajebała z fb, a tu jakiś szablon, więc trochę lepiej

@rysiek Proszę z szacunkiem, mało który portal jest tak dobry, by sam ś.p. Papież Polak zarejestrował się na nim aż tyle razy.

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