plans to change its name as part of company rebrand – report

Dear , this is the opportunity we get once in a lifetime -- we can suggest a new name for Facebook!

Quick first ideas:
- Failbook
- The Antisocial Network
- Zuckity
- Tire-All Corporation
- Aperture Data Science

And another new name for suggestion:
- Company Formerly Known As Facebook

That's what it's going to end up being anyway. 🤷‍♀️

@rysiek Following Google's footsteps, maybe "Analphabet?"

@rysiek My rec was Arsehole Catalogue, in keeping with the original spirit.

@rysiek UPIID (Universal Personally Identifiable Information Database).


As an aside, Bezos wanted to call Amazon Relentless. Somebody waaaay back in the early days said that was not a good idea. still redirects to

@rysiek @stevefoerster @MinimalClick
Whois also lists Amazon as the owner of the domain.

Relentless would have been a more descriptive name, but I don't know if it would have helped (us) any. People call their food-replacement shakes Soylent. I feel like you could call Facebook "Society killer" and people would still go there 😅


My bets are on something like Portal, Horizon, entrance to the multiverse kinda vibe.


Part of me wonders whether this is a Zuckerberg idea to create a buzz, and that no namechange will happen.

If they do want a new name, can I suggest:


No, not the number, it stands for Privacy ignored.

@fitheach I am almost certain this is a desperate attempt to cover the absolutely horrible month they had and the presumably damning journalistic investigation supposedly coming very soon:

I mean, if FB's Newsroom already knows about this, it probably means that FB was asked to comment, and that happens within days of publishing a large investigative story.

Yes, I do have my popcorn ready.

Indeed, and what better way of deflecting attention than creating a big story. If you can't kill a story, create a bigger one elsewhere.

I had hoped the Cambridge Analytica story might kill Facebook. Sadly, the general populace didn't care. Will it be different this time?

@fitheach well, they now need to change their name, it seems. So. Definitely not a "nothingburger".

@rysiek @fitheach

for decades folk are told that junk food, cigarettes, excessive alcohol and drugs use and aggressive/dangerous driving are harmful for themselves and wider society, but many still partake in these things (especially when they provide short term gains/pleasure)

@vfrmedia @fitheach hence we deal with them not by personal virtue, but by relentless regulation.

Sometimes of the people making bad personal decisions (criminal charges for drunk driving), often of the companies that benefit and promote such behaviors.

I'm aware of people doing all five of those things at once. It didn't end well.

Regulation for things which harm other people (like drink driving or smoking in public places) can usually work well.

I'm not so convinced of regulation for things which only affect the individual concerned. For example, banning smoking completely could replicate the US alcohol prohibition.



I watched as an academic medical center conformed to a trend amongst like institutions for banning smoking anywhere on campus. Smoking had long been banned indoors at these places, increasingly even around entrances and air intakes. This is all reasonably defensible.

@vfrmedia @rysiek

@fitheach @vfrmedia @rysiek

The bans outdoors though went a step too far since they were pretty much targeted less on second-hand smoke and more on the smokers themselves.

I think that encourages a counterproductive kind of anti-institutional resentment.

I wouldn't blame all of our currently prominent, acute public health woes entirely on that but there are congruences and connections.

I tend to agree. Banning all smoking won't work for the same reason the US failed at prohibition. Also, why not ban everyone from eating sugar? That is also detrimental to health.

@vfrmedia @rysiek

@fitheach First Dan Snyder making a shitshow of retiring a player's jersey and now Facebook pretending to rename themselves.
What is it this week with people getting caught out and trying to distract from it?

I'm not aware of the Dan Snyder situation.

Placing stories in the media is a lot more common than people realise.


@antanicus come to think of it, should perhaps gone with "Orifice Data Science"

We know the reason #Fakebook are rebranding.

Its the same reason #PhilipMorris changed their name to #altria – they cause a #cancer, and people are cottoning onto it.

@rysiek I sincerely doubt their average user can find the app or the website for a decent while if the name changes.

And I don't even mean that like derisively.

@rysiek Are they really changing the name of the website, or is this just a Google->Alphabet Corp type thing?

Gonna be some bullshit to replace peoples basic Terminology for something like google for search or excel for spreadsheets...
- the Internet
- social
- the database
- hive

Realistically the merge of WhatsApp/Facebook/Instagram into one new branded platform would basically be a freaking large part of the digital reality of a scary amount of people... And maybe more convenient as single interface solution to sell to law enforcement :P

@Fellmoon they're not merging, they're doing the Google->Alphabet thing

Yeah, the 2nd part of the toot was more a loudly thinking sidenote


- Fistbook
- MotherZucker

Serious candidates:

- Pervade
- Invase


But it may also be "X AE A-XII". First of all to annoy Musk (who probably didn't trademark his child's name), and because no one will remember it when they want to write more harshly critical news articles.

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