@iamnagolbud @rysiek They are good for watching blocked/country restricted content. And not much else.

@rysiek kape, kape... weren't they involved in the freenode drama?

@rysiek They are.

there are a few legit providers... but KAPE? nope.

@rysiek Ah, I'd seen that story earlier this week on a German newsticker: golem.de/news/kape-frueher-mal

...was waiting for it to show up in international news.

@matt @galaxis that said, Depends On Your Threat Model™, there are threat models where using a VPN makes sense. It's just not what most VPN providers would like you to believe.

Shout out to @mullvadnet, who are good people and the only VPN provider whose staff I met in person and can confirm they, you know, exist. They know their shit. If you do actually need a VPN, that would be my recommendation.

@rysiek The article got an update: restoreprivacy.com/kape-techno

Quote from conclusion:

Given everything we learned in our research, we can conclude that:
- Crossrider created a legitimate development platform, not malware.
- Third parties used Crossrider’s platform for malware and adware distribution, but Crossrider was not the owner or creator of that malware.
- Seeing the abuse, Crossrider completely shut down the program in 2016, changed out the company’s leadership, and pivoted to the privacy and security niche.

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