Ooof. Looks like .club and .hsbc TLDs disappeared from the Internet. Both due to screw-ups, it seems:

Send hugs to .club registry ops team, they're going to need it. Don't care that much about HSBC banksters myself.

Update: might not actually be *caused* by , might just be authoritative nameservers being down long enough for thingz to expire. DNSSEC would then be a symptom, not a cause.

Some info trickling here:

@c0debabe yeah. I do not envy them. DNSSEC is notoriously complex and over engineered (we still need it, though :tiredcat2: )

@rysiek I love how this week, had just been filled with examples of how brittle what we think of as the internet really is

@rysiek how many fedi instances are now unreachable because of this?

@rysiek @Stoori On the bright side, that shows how amazing the fediverse is. Only small(?) portion of it is down. We are still here chatting.

Imagine if Facebook was on a .club domain

@esi @Stoori exactly this!

There's much to be said about 🥚 🥚 🥚 and a single 🧺 .

@kubikpixel @rysiek @Stoori Sometimes I wonder how cool it would be if we didn't have DNS. We would just pass along IP addresses like a word of mouth, and hoping that weird IP you got from your cousin is some cool shit.

@kubikpixel @rysiek @Stoori PS: lets not talk about how painful that would be when it would come to IPv6 addresses...

@esi @rysiek @Stoori and we tippet any time from a real hand written letter, there your cousin write it drunk and is not really readable 😬

@esi @rysiek @Stoori Learned a couple days ago that they have their whole private registrar company with thousands-10ks of domains.

And they managed to break that 😂

@Stoori @rysiek I personally wouldn't cry a river if shitposter dot club never came back online though.

@rysiek Hrm.
Both TLDs seem to be run by GoDaddy... No idea how they would manage to mess up just those two...

@rysiek I guess the bigger question is why is there a .hsbc TLD and why isn't it DDoSed all the time?

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