With down, where are the conspiracies about Facebook being down going to spread? :thaenkin:

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@rysiek @drwho yeah, fedi is a great alternative for the bird site or things like that. But it isn't for instant messaging, even if it could be used with that purpose, it isn't the best solution.

XMPP is actually a decentralize, secure and private IM protocol which is a great replacement for matrix

@werwolf @drwho Matrix and XMPP are welcome to slug this one out, I'll sit on the side and watch.

Where's my 🍿 ...

@rysiek, let me try one:

«They don't want you to share The Pandora Papers.»

But, wait... they forgot about birdsite. Well, I guess nobody cares anymore.

Here, I'd like to play! FB is down because of a ransomware attack.


FB is down, because Zuckerberg downloaded too much pr0n.


FB is down, because Mark forgot his master password.


FB is down, because a large image of the Ever Given got stuck in its pipes.

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