On the EU USB-C mandate:

It has built-in future-proofing: no mandate for wireless chargers which is what will come after USB-C
Rules like these can and are updated, so we aren’t stuck with USB-C if wireless doesn’t pan out


@baldur and anyone opposed to the USB-C mandate should do some research how things were before the EU pushed for Common External Power Supply (then: micro-USB):

"Hey, anyone has a charger for <Manufacturer> <Model> <Version>" was a common question, and in a group of 10 people often the answer was "no".

Plus, this standarization is literally what allowed powerbanks to become a thing.

Standardization breeds innovation.

@rysiek @baldur Wonder if people forget this, or they had iPhones all along and never experienced this (except the younger folk, who prolly only experience the current three-way nonsense).

@cadadr @rysiek Most of the Apple commenters I’ve seen have been based in the US and are demonstrating that they know about as much about life in the EU as I do about the geological movements of the continents of Mars. 😐

@baldur @cadadr @rysiek great. now i have to learn about the continents of Mars, because my intuition says that if Mars does have continental plates, they don't move, for the same reason that Mars has a weak-ass magnetic field, too weak to hold onto it's atmosphere.

and now i have to verify that intuition.

@baldur @rysiek How little many USians *care*, let alone know anything, about the wider world is really sad. It's not something I've encountered a lot myself, but I guess that's what it's like living in "imperial core"...

@rysiek @baldur
I've had it fairly recently where I asked if anyone had a micro-USB charger. Got some blank stares and a "You mean like a Samsung cable?"

People really don't appreciate how good this standardisation is for them...

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