It is so nice when technology works.

Got myself some train tickets (I like trains! 🚆 ), confirmation went to my e-mail address which I self-host using @yunohost.

I read the e-mail in the Mail app on my @nextcloud instance (on the same yunohost server), and of course it helpfully suggested I add the travel dates and relevant info into my Nextcloud calendar.

We *can* have nice things. Anyone who says cannot be user-friendly is lying through their teeth.

@rysiek @yunohost @nextcloud remind me to shout at my ISP to give me a static IPaddrwss so I can sort all that again.


@MinimalClick @yunohost @nextcloud there are ways around this. One is to host on IPv6 only, you'll have an easier time of getting a static IPv6 than IPv4 (duh).

The other is :

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@rysiek @yunohost @nextcloud thanks for the heads up on pagekite. I shall look into this more. 👍🏼

@MinimalClick @yunohost @nextcloud sure thing. PageKite's developer used to be pretty active on fedi, sadly hasn't posted anything for a while: @bjarni.

@rysiek @MinimalClick @yunohost @nextcloud Or use the IPv4 of your ISP regardless. I don't have a static one, but it changes so infrequently, it really doesn't matter. If it changes too much, you can still do some dyndns thing either on your domain directly, or on a subdomain of a service and cname/alias your domain to it. One problem I do still have is that mine blocks the port for outgoing mails :(

Pagekit looks promising though, I think I'll look into that as well and see if it can solve my mail problem :)
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