@rysiek ProtonMail, now slightly more honest!™️​

@jamesrichardson It's ... honest.

More honest would be "we minimise data collection but will have to comply with any lawful data requests". That's what virtually any provider will have to do.

Keep in mind that Mastodon makes promises of a similar nature in its own branding and promotion which it cannot possibly assure and most of which are flagrantly untrue.

(I use, obviously, Mastodon, and perhaps somewhat less obviously, Protonmail.)

@rysiek @protonmail

@rysiek @protonmail Looks like I'm going to be looking into secure email again.

@rysiek Right. If I recall correctly, @protonmail even claims it collecting IPs is a good thing in the settings; it logs them to warn you about unauthorized sign-ins. Which is fair, of course, there's people who've been help by that I bet, and sometimes you have to consider what your threat model is and compromise. But it's nice that they're finally being more honest about it.
I wonder if they still log your IP if you turn that particular setting off. The one you used for signing up is still there at any rate, though.
Never trust a company not to break under legal pressure. This is what Tor is for (I believe PM even has an .onion address!)

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