"print()" is the (and some other programming languages) version of the "💾 3.5in-floppy-disk-as-document-save-icon" of most software.

It's an artifact of older times, when output was, well, printed out.

Almost nobody *actually* prints program output directly out on a physical printer. But it's so deeply ingrained in coding culture, it's taken for granted and rarely questioned.

At some point the connection between "print()" and 🖨️ will become almost indecipherable to young techies.

@rysiek I think of it as print to screen, it kind of makes sense that way too

btw in php the function is called echo, because, uh, I have no idea

@piggo yeah, but it still comes from times when printers were *the* interface.

PHP is weird, what can I say? 🤷‍♀️

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@rysiek @piggo
> I think of it as print to screen,
Ah, the name "Print Screen" has exactly the same legacy. This button was meant trigger an actual printer or plotter, but now it just means a screenshot. Then the word "screenshot" has the same legacy again - originally it literally meant pointing a special camera at an oscilloscope screen to save the data on film...

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