D-5 and the damn #CreativeEurope budget form does not work with @libreoffice

What the hell.

Does someone have a #PIRATED version of M$ Office 2016 that works with #WineHQ so I can complete the budget?

#EU #OpenSource #Discrimination


@how 🤦‍♀️

I feel you. Perhaps there is an open @nextcloud instance somewhere that has OnlyOffice running and perhaps that would work? I think OnlyOffice is not based on LibreOffice code.

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@rysiek @how @nextcloud I've got a Nextcloud with OnlyOffice you could try. But why not just create a temporary Office 365 account?

@jdaviescoates to deny Microsoft any amount of support, even in the form of personal data, IP addresses, etc.

@rysiek @how @nextcloud If you are already forced to have a Google account for some reason you could try importing/exporting through there..

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