Plausible vs Google Analytics: Google is missing out on a lot of visitors 🧐

@plausible I observed the same on some high-ish profile sites that I managed, where we had both GA and Matomo.

In our set-up Matomo used log analytics, so there was no way to block it from counting a visit.

The difference was not that large, about 30% from what I recall.

I wonder how much of it is people blocking trackers, and how much is different math used on GA side? GA math (what is counted as a "visit", etc) has always been *magic*, and I don't mean it in a good way.

Yeah, the traffic to this site came from tech-savvy audiences (Hacker News and Reddit) that aggressively block GA. Plausible similar like in your case was not blockable (unless you completely blocked all javascript).


@plausible it would be interesting to figure out how to compare data without the unknown of how many people actually block GA.

In other words, it would be interesting to try to figure out GA's magical math.

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