@_cr0_tab @TheGibson the bottom-left Omega symbol could be modified into a tiny Telecomix symbol for a tiny bit of extra meaning for the initiated. (:=~~~

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@drwho @rysiek @_cr0_tab

A telecomix logo, a cow skull, a dumpster on fire, and a 2600 bell

@drwho @rysiek @_cr0_tab

That kind of claims from many one.

Which is about the best thing we could possibly be known for.

@thegibson @rysiek @_cr0_tab What did Phrack's logo used to be?

Or a Guy Fawkes mask?

@TheGibson @_cr0_tab @drwho correct Telecomix logo (the one you tooted is probably OpSyria or one of the other Telecomix operations)

@rysiek @_cr0_tab @drwho

Anyhow, I think this gives us a good representation of what we are... people from all these previous groups, and the Hacker slider logo for the unaffiliated.

@thegibson @_cr0_tab @rysiek I'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down...

Maybe the LoD globe/telephone handset/sword sigil from the t-shirt?

@_cr0_tab @drwho @rysiek

I would just salvage the cracked bell from the one, also, I think that even the cow skull icon they use is appropriate as well if the ascii doesn’t have enough weight.

@thegibson @_cr0_tab @rysiek If need be, I can take a photograph of my staff, which would be suitable for photo manipulation.

This is how humans win over aliens in all the best stories.


There are subtypes.

Space Marines. Starship Trooper, The Forever War.
Space Navy. Star Trek.
Space Pirates. Guardians of the Galaxy.
Dirty Dozen. The Bad Batch, Predators.
Seven Samurai. Clone Wars, The Mandalorian.
Rebel Scum. Firefly, Star Wars.
Space Diplomacy: Babylon 5, Picard in STTNG. The Silver Ships, once humans level up the Kardishev scale.
Psyops: Cordwainer Smith's Instrumentality of Mankind, They Live (against the humans), V (ditto).
Mental Powers: The Galactic Milieu.

Would you consider that a list of recommendations?

For the stuff I have read or watched, it sounds like a list of recommendations.
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