The "How to Radicalize a Normie" video is now *age-restricted* on YouTube:

Literally a video that shows how alt-right radicalizes people and which can be (and has successfully been) used to de-radicalize people is now age-restricted.

I just can't.

Okay, I was able to download all of the videos from the Alt-Right Playbook, in case any more of them get blocked/age-gated.

The playlist is originally here on YT:

I guess I need a PeerTube account somewhere. Not sure how Innuendo Studios will look at some random dude uploading it to random video hosting sites, but it's too good/important a series to worry about that right now. I will ping them and inform them of this, of course.

By the way, I did not CW these toots, because I did not talk about the subject of these videos directly, and each of the videos contains its own CW.

@rysiek it is antithetical to YouTubes business model. I'm surprised it hasn't been taken down by the various systems available.

@rysiek How can I watch it without doxxing myself to google?

@river @rysiek If you know how to use a terminal/the command line:

git clone
cd yt-dlp/
python3 yt_dlp/ P55t6eryY3g

You will need the Python programming language.

I watched this becode it became age restricted and I see no reason for that restriction, so I have uploaded it to PeerTube

@river haven't found any other source yet. next time I see it I'll download it (should have done that immediately).

the author got pinged on multiple channels, we shall see what happens.

@dhfir @river didn't find it anywhere, and couldn't download it using youtube-dl/newpipe

@rysiek @river the fuck you talking about it works fine.
Except for the part where my internet's in the crapper rn.

@dhfir @river

I don't have an YT account nor do I want to have one. So no, it doesn't "work fine", and this is exactly what "the fuck" I'm talking about 👍

which I just realized you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
Goddamnit how was this not essential to include when all these various FEs/clients got made?

@dhfir thank you for your input, your feedback is important to us. :blobcat:

@rysiek you still haven't explained tf's stooping you from downloading this shit.

@dhfir you're not wrong!

Let me oblige: the fact that newpipe is mobile-only. That's not an option for .

@rysiek Shocking. His entire "Alt-Right Playbook", series is excellent...this smells like a troll-y copyright strike.

@rysiek oh crikey, not heard or come across that before.

Not my vibe at all!

@mxtthxw I would not have assumed it is. these "manosphere" acronyms multiply like rabbits. hard to keep track.

@mxtthxw and to be fair if I don't find this video anywhere else in decent quality, I might use the link you sent to download it (if I figure out how, youtube-dl doesn't seem to bite).

So, thank you! :blobcatfingerguns:

@rysiek @qwazix @mxtthxw In the future, one can also use FreeTube ( to watch and download YouTube videos, age-restricted or not.

On Android, NewPipe is good.

@rysiek You can always contact Innuendo Studios directly and request permission.

(Assuming you can find a contact address.)

@rysiek yeah, was also thinking about this problem the other day when faced with their censorship. it'd be cool to have an easy way to do this, point #peertube to the yt video to grab and host on the account.

@zeh that's kind of what I'm doing with @nextcloud - on my instance I have the ocDownloader app installed along with youtube-dl on the server, and that lets me just paste an URL there and have the video downloaded into my Nextcloud account.

Super useful.

@rysiek @nextcloud that's cool :) but it'd be very different to have the functionality available to all users on #peertube, to make it straightforward for everyone. thought of submitting an enhancement issue but they're on microsoft shithub, don't and won't have an account.

@rysiek Ian Danskin posts transcripts of all his video essays to the Innuendo Studios Tumblr:

I can't speak to the ethics of reuploading nor to his opinion of the practice, but if you're archiving these to preserve them, I would encourage going through and grabbing the transcripts as well.

- Packbats 🎒

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