It taking Twitter two years to even find a leader for a decentralised social network project makes me feel good about what we achieved in that timescale with MoodleNet 😅



> The project is "complex and unprecedented," Dorsey wrote, and is expected to take years to build.

Or, they could use :blobcat:

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@dajbelshaw the real difficulty is how to cram a walled garden business model into a space where monopolization is more difficult than in a top-to-bottom integrated service.

That's the "problem" they're probably trying to actually solve.

@rysiek @dajbelshaw But #ActivityPub doesn't use The Blockchain™ and there are fools that need to be parted from their money!

@rysiek @dajbelshaw tbh I hope they don't federate with masto bc it'll bring all the shit along with it. Let them play their own stupid profitable game and leave the good social alone. Most ppl on Twitter aren't *that* important

@karmanyaahm @dajbelshaw I made this point before (today, in fact), I'll make it again: even if :birdsite: goes activitypub, for fedi instances federation with :birdsite: will always be optional.

there is zero reason to worry about "all the shit".

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