Google+ Circles would be neat to see in an ActivityPub project 🧐

@dansup We came very close to making it work, but there was some showstopper that halted the progress. Don't remember what it was though cc @Claire

@Gargron @dansup iirc mainly it boils down to:
- either the root poster decides who to forward replies to (and the replier thus has no control over it)
- either the replier decides who to send replies to (and if circles are to be anonymous, it means the replier does not know who to send replies to)

first option may make more sense but since replies are first-class objects that can be boosted etc. the user experience would be really muddy really quickly

@Claire @dansup Hm, I remember going for the first option, but what stopped it? Something about the root being deleted, maybe?

@Gargron @Claire @dansup it would be awesome to see Mastodon support scoped posting, in a way that resembles Aspects.

Pleroma to my knowledge sort of supports this? The API allows you to send a message to a List of contacts, so SporadicFE (the Diaspora UI clone frontend) does indeed support this. Effectively, you're just sending a "Followers Only" status to a limited amount of followers.

@sean @dansup @Gargron @Claire my experience with Diaspora* Aspects was that pretty quickly I lost track of who's in which aspect. The complexity and related friction of managing that became... hard to manage.

On fedi a kind of alternative is using alts that have different sets of followers and different privacy settings. That seems to happen already.

Throwing shit on the wall here, but maybe it would be better to streamline such use of alts?

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@sean @dansup @Gargron @Claire not entirely sure how that could look like, but one thing that comes to mind is being able to "invite a follower to follow" an alt of mine, something akin to what happens when an account is moved across instances but without un-following the originating alt.

Another idea could be setting alts such that one reposts toots from the other under certain conditions (hashtag-based, etc). This would allow me to have a "hidden master" alt that would feed a few aspect-like alts.

@sean @dansup @Gargron @Claire also, at this point I am definitely overthinking it.

On the other hand, this would use the current ActivityPub facilities (follower-only accounts and follower-only posts) to achieve roughly the same as Diaspora* Aspects did, I think.

Plus, for users not interested in them, it would not change a thing.

And finally, other AP-compatible software would not have to change *a thing*. An "aspect-like alt" looks just like a regular AP account, after all.


That's pretty much how peertube does it with channels. A video is always being published by a user, but it is then reposted by the channel on which it is published. Seen from peertube, the user has no videos, only channels have. But seen from mastodon or pleroma it becomes apparent. One can chose to subsribe to a user (all videos) or to specific channels (topic videos) but both are treated like users on the fedi at large.
@sean @dansup @Gargron @Claire

@rysiek @setto @Gargron @dansup @sean @Claire Zap also allows multiple channels per user similar to PeerTube, but for normal social media posts. Seems to work like side-blogs on Tumblr. With the added feature that you can have each channel on multiple servers and they automatically keep in sync with the Nomad protocol, to protect against hosts dissappearing. From Mastodon the channels look like users you follow.

@rysiek The phenomenon of people creating alt accounts does seem to be an indication that people are improvising their own way of doing Aspects. It's just how do we best implement the idea from both a back end implementation and a UI experience? Are they just collections, or an evolution of #Hometown "exclusive lists"?

One of the things I've observed with adoption of AP heavily driven by Mastodon is that it limits people's thinking of how AP and ActivityStreams objects can/should be used. An "actor" doesn't have to map with an application's user 1:1, nor does it even have to be an actual user/person at all...perhaps an actor's inbox/outbox endpoints don't even have to be on the same instance as the user that is responsible for it!

Inter-operating with Mastodon is important but maybe we should keep minds open about how to implement functionality that departs from Twitter-style microblogging and approach inter-operating from a "graceful degradation" perspective.

@sean @dansup @Gargron @Claire

@rysiek @sean @dansup @Gargron @Claire @MatejLach something like cross signing accounts, so your identity can be used from any instance you have an account on and they all sync. Should be easy right *ducks*

@rysiek @sean @dansup @Gargron @Claire @MatejLach oh different thing 🤔 in relation to circles…. Yes. Would be good.

@swansinflight @rysiek @dansup @Gargron @Claire @MatejLach Nomadic Identity would be awesome, and my recent discussions with Mike have suggested that it should all be doable with ActivityPub at this point.

Failing that, I think Friendica has a feature that lets you render completely different profiles based on what contact list your followers fall into? That might be neat.

@sean @dansup @Gargron @rysiek @MatejLach @Claire yeah I know it’s technically possible, just if/how/when implemented. Matrix has this on their roadmap also for their accounts.

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