Hey, , do you use (say, at least once per week) any Mozilla products?

Context: some people are claiming "nobody uses Mozilla's products anymore". I'd like to see if that's actually true.

@rysiek I use LibreWolf, Tor Browser and occasionally vanilla Firefox (but only for Big Blue Button). I don't use any of Mozilla's proprietary things, like Pocket.

@rysiek I use Tor daily but for my local network I use #LibreWolf. I like FireFox but it's anoying that Google is their main search engine.

@Elysian @rysiek I recently learned that if you want you can use the #Tor browser outside of the #Tor network if you don’t set it to connect to #Tor automatically upon launch

@rysiek I use Firefox and Thunderbird on a daily basis. The latter perhaps more out of habit?

I don't use anything else by Mozilla. In particular, I use keepassxc instead of Lockwise.

A lot of privacy add-ons. E.g. Noscript and Selfdestructing Cookies.

I also regularly use Tor-browser.

I recently also tested ungoogled-chromium, since it's said that chromium-based browsers are better for video conferences. I don't have conclusive results for this yet.

@rysiek In my opinion, Thunderbird is the least bad mail client (all mail clients are bad) and Firefox is the one real alternative to Chromium-based browsers. If Firefox‘ development were stopped, there would be only Chromium left which would be one monopoly more for Google

@ynnx @rysiek I think that's why Google funds Mozilla.

It most likely pays so no one accuses Google of being a monopoly.

@lasombra @ynnx Google is a monopoly anyway. But Mozilla, for all its faults, still does a lot of good work, and is one of the very few active browser engine vendors. This enables browser projects that are not based on Chrome/Chromium, which I find important.

@rysiek @ynnx That's certainly very true, but I'm afraid Google's money comes with strings.

We need to be careful about what are they.

@rysiek @lasombra @ynnx

"Mozilla […] is one […] browser engine vendors"

Hum. Maybe I would say "donator", not "vendor"!

By the way, I use Firefox and Thunderbird at home and at work.

And I donate to Mozilla yearly to thanks and support them.

@rysiek Firefox on desktop and mobile, all day every day.

@rysiek Do MDN and Rust count? Not that I'm using them on a weekly basis tho.

@rysiek I think we're not representing the majority here. I mean we're (almost) all nerds hating google ! So yeah, mozilla and especially firefox are going down. All the massive data on the subject says it ...

@oursse oh sure, and of course this is a very self-selected group, and the poll has no semblance to proper statistical research on the matter.

That said, a person on fedi claimed "nobody uses Mozilla". seems like at least on fedi, this could not be farther form the truth. So that has *some* relevance, at least, I believe.

@rysiek ok i get it now. I guess in that context maybe ^^

@rysiek I use Firefox all the time. And Thunderbird.
Since I work on web dev, I can see the comparison of privacy features of Firefox versus other browsers in my daily work. Out of the four major browsers, Firefox is the biggest PITA when it comes to circumventing privacy features and my go-to argument to reject feature requests that involve trying to circumvent those.

@rysiek Firefox is my main point of call when a website doesn't work in my own browsers. One of which btw can use Mozilla DeepSpeech, so I contribute to Mozilla Common Voice to aid all speech-to-text engines.

I think this covers most weeks for me.

@rysiek Oh yeah, and I tend to refer to MDN quite frequently.

@rysiek Firefox (both desktop and Android versions), Thunderbird, Pocket, and my favourite one is Firefox Focus (on Android) 🙂

@rysiek I'm using Firefox on mobile and desktop and Thunderbird on desktop.
I also set up (Firefox) Sync in the past, but wouldn't do it today anymore. Maybe I'll delete it at some time in the future.


I use a browser that's firefox based... Does that count as using Mozilla product?


I guess Mozilla until recently developed Rust compiler (now Rust Foundation maintains it) so I'll consider it mozilla product.

Firefox for home (Vivaldi for working from home, as it handles Teams better). Fennec on phone, Pocket to read out web articles to me when I'm busy. FF Send while it still ran.

Thunderbird for managing/backing up email accounts, but reading is done wholly on the phone with Fairmail.

@rysiek It would help quite a lot if the Thunderbird team would use it as their primary mailclient instead of that 'good webmailer'

@adorfer totally. I also have opinions on their choice of OpenPGP library. Strong opinions. But that's for another thread.

@rysiek Additionally, I like Rust and Mozilla SOPS. Encrypting yamls with SOPS is awesome in the GitOps / FluxCD v2 / Kubernetes / Vault ecosystem.

@rysiek There's a lot of statistics online that also prove the opposite. Like Firefox usage.

@wmd and yet I am not asking about Firefox, but Mozilla, and not asking the general population, but people on fedi.

And so far out of 565 people who took part, only 5% (so, ~28 people) said they don't use any Mozilla product.

~95% of 565 responders here (so, ~537 people) is not "nobody". And that's what I was trying to establish for my own curiosity, in an unscientific, unreliable way.

@rysiek Is Thunderbird still a Mozilla project? I thought they dropped support for it?

I'd like to use Thunderbird but it cannot handle the size of my mailbox.

@rysiek I also use their aGPS system as a backend on my phone.

@rysiek where is "Both"?
I use Firefox (Desktop + Mobile) and Thunderbird on a daily basis... (or should the FOMO suffering internet addict I am say "hourly basis"? 🤔 )

@rysiek Checkboxes? Then i'm sorry! ... Whalebird renders it as Radio boxes and i could only choose one option 😔

@rysiek Can't say - maybe a missing feature? I must also admit that i haven't checked for updates for quite some time now...

@rysiek along with Firefox, i also use their accounts sync.

see, "How I run Social Apps in Firefox", for how

@meena @rysiek That seems a lot of work for something you can easily do with Tangram.

@rysiek I use Firefox on a daily base as it is my default browser.
I also use Thunderbird at least once a week, and I think that I may use it daily soon.


I use FF, synchro on all machines I use.

How do you ensure no biaises in your poll ?

@22Decembre I don't. This is not scientific research, this is a silly poll on social media.

It amazes me this needs to be pointed out.


Not scientific research is ok.

But so, you ask in an audience who massively use Mozilla Firefox whether or not they use Mozilla stuff.

What use is that ?

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