Hey @dansup , any plans to be able to set a *default* license for @pixelfed posts?

I would love *all* my posts to be on CC-By-SA without having to click through the license selector each time I post. That would be a huge UX improvement for me.


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@Gargron @dansup @pixelfed I don't think it is (but don't take my word for it).

However, Pixelfed displays the license info in the bottom-right corner of the image in a post, when viewed on home instance. That's already pretty good!

@rysiek @dansup @pixelfed Coming across those German cat picture posts where 90% of the text is the license declaration, I am starting to think having a separate field for it for pretty rendering might not be such a bad idea...

@Gargron @dansup @pixelfed most users won't use them, nor care. But for those of us who *do* care, this would be very useful indeed.

@rysiek @pixelfed Yeah, I was planning on doing that. Will make an option to apply it to all existing posts as well!

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