@rysiek i find the #RightToRepair statement of principles quite lacking. Suppose you buy a thermostat that is programmed to only function when getting instructions from honeywell's server. Honeywell decides to pull the plug on the server, & all thermostats become useless. None of the 5 articles cover that.


@resist1984 you are more than welcome to create a better statement of principles, and then promote it and gain momentum. I'll sign it.

Meanwhile, this one is already making waves in the USA and seems pretty effective in fighting back against Apple and John Deere's (and others) lobbyists. So I'll take it.

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@rysiek i think we need to distinguish a body of principles from a bill that lawmakers would sign. You wouldn't want FSF principles to have just freedom 0 and freedom 1, but neglect freedom 2 and freedom 3. The principles completely embody all needs of that paradigm. Sure the bills given to lawmakers might have to be broken into smaller pieces b/c they're afraid of large changes.

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