Okay, who's willing to bet will use the leak to push their anti FUD?

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Also, waiting for @eff to start telling everyone to stop using phones since they're too complicated and impossible to properly secure, and that phone technology is a relic of the past, and to just move to <insert some silicon valley startup>.

I mean that was their reaction to , so why not to this, amirite.

@rysiek @eff I thought that they just recommended that until the flaws were patched?

@murph @eff you're talking about e-mail?

No no, EFF is fiercely anti-PGP and their position is that e-mail must die. Thankfully some in the community disagree:

(wrong link here before, my bad!)

Well, we are starting to attest that #APAB, yes.

Open, and printable hardware now? They don't need to be superslim, nor #waterProof. Replaceable batteries is a must.

i’m out of the loop, @rysiek, how would it (hypothetically) twist the narrative to do that?

@cnx Apple has claimed on multiple occasions that allowing independent shops to repair iDevices would "compromise their security".

For example:

Apple lobbyist made a frightening prediction. If the state passed the legislation, it would turn into a haven for hackers, Steve Kester told then-state senator Lydia Brasch. He argued the law would inadvertently give bad actors the opportunity to break into devices like smartphones.

@rysiek @cnx PGP is kinda pointless on a compromised device, though I still think people should use PGP keys to secure their mail, the idea that it will help you in that scenario is silly.

There is no vendor immune to the hardware compromise model at all. The question is, how do you secure a thing born insecure. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is separate the hardware from your personal identity... That's it, and it's much harder than people think to actually do.
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