Hi and hello to all the old followers who might now notice that the account has moved.

I have been preparing for this for about a week, tooting about it giving people time to manually follow me here (or un-follow me at m.s if that's how the cookie crumbles). About 500 people did follow me manually, thank you!

I have now *moved* the account, and that means *all* followers are now moved to this new account. Welcome!

Interestingly, about 25% of my m.s. followers did not show up following me here on m.t.

These are almost certainly accounts that were blocked or are at instances m.t does not federate with.

25% might seem like a lot, but consider:
- we're talking about moving a 4-year-old account across instances;
- when moving between walled-gardens one loses 100% of one's followers.

A smooth and easy account migration flow is super-important to a healthy fediverse. This makes me a happy rysiek! :ablobcatrainbow:

@rysiek Some of them might also be from instances that are no longer up. I've found that those tend to stay in your followers list, but the mover will check for those and not move them if there's no response. I moved from one not-often-blocked instance to this one, which at the time didn't block much at all and certainly wasn't blocked by anyone, and yet I lost several followers.
I wish there was a way to clean your followers like that, but without having to move first.

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