@rysiek @tomasino I hope this leads to music companies getting pissed off and make them fight against this "fair use".

@jlhertel @tomasino I'm unsure. Investigative journalism and science relies on fair use bulk data processing.

But we do need to have clearer rules around it, and it's good to poke them with a stick like that to see what falls out!

@jlhertel @tomasino @rysiek Is this just a legal hack for fairuseify to build up a library of unlicensed music?

@tomasino @resist1984 @jlhertel @rysiek so… did anyone find a snippet already that is big enough that it could be considered copyright infringement? i mean the boundaries of copyright are arbitrary bullshit, of course, but i assume there is some precedent with regard to code…?

and there is no way in hell the output of that Fairuseify thing would not be considered infringement…

@rysiek @tomasino @resist1984 @jlhertel interesting, thanks. yeah i'd be very suprised if that would go on like that.

i guess the best outcome would be a weakening of copyright, but i guess that's unlikely. but i guess that's unlikely so it's mostly popcorn drama i guess…

@rysiek @tomasino indeed journalism and many cases are fair use. But as you mentioned, hopefully this gives more fuel for the discussion.

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